Light Blue By Dolce & Gabbana For Men

Light Blue By Dolce & Gabbana For Men

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2.5 oz, 4.2 FL Oz

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10 reviews for Light Blue By Dolce & Gabbana For Men

  1. Matt

    Genuine! Checked batch numbers and all. Smells great, fantastic summer scent.

  2. Amazon Customer

    100% the real deal. I purchased and then read the reviews and was nervous that it may be a fake product. I purchase for my best friend, who’s fiancé (also my best friend) had passed away. His mother took the cologne from their house and this scent was a big memory as he ALWAYS smelled like this cologne. It is so real in fact that I sprayed it in my car to be sure after reading the reviews and it made me cry remembering him. What I’m saying is, it’s a great product. Great scent and not at all fake.

  3. Amazon Customer

    I got a sample of light blue D & G a while back & I tried it recently. I loved the scent; light citrus like scent and stays for long, hence I bought this from Amazon. This is nothing like the sample, scent is completely different ( compared it sided by side with the sample which I still have ). I am very disappointed. I truly think this is a fake product. Don’t waste your money, my advice.

  4. Sue

    I have a friend who wears this and he smells so good, so I decided to spend the money and get some for my husband. Well, this doesn’t even smell the same. It’s just OK but would not get it again. Nothing special and certainly not worth the money. Disappointed. Can we just go back to the old days of Brut and English Leather?

  5. brotherspartan

    The first bottle I purchased in-store from Macy’s. The next bottle through Amazon. Exactly the same scent. Now. I don’t necessarily think the negative reviews are ill-intentioned. But I think maybe people don’t understand the difference between eau de toilette (this product) and eau de perfume. Eau de perfume has a higher content perfume oil and sells for a higher price per ounce. The toilette version is wonderful for misting over yourself and covering a larger area resulting in a fresh scent that’s not overwhelming.

  6. Elvio Guzman

    Hello to all those who consume this product my Name Elvio GuzmánThe first time I used this product I really liked it, I personally bought it in a store in the City of Boston and now I took a risk and I bought it for Amazon I had the confidence that I was buying an Original product, it was not that way I bought the bottle 4.2 ouncesAnd it was all a scam loses the essence to the few minutes they scammed me ..

  7. Stephen Beaghan

    This cologne is a must buy I used to wear all the time a few years ago and it smells great such a long lasting pleasurable smell would definitely buy this product again

  8. jayheard1

    What in the world is in that bottle? If it’s real ultra synthetic. Like aluminum, lemon juice and compressed air from Grandmother closets around the world.

  9. kv

    Coming from my husband who wears this cologne, this product from the seller is NOT authentic. Smell goes away fairly quickly and does not smell the same as the ones bought in a reputable store.

  10. andres guerrero toro

    Totally disliked, the product from this vendor it is not original, after the first use, ir smells as alcohol with Water. This is my cologne, so I surely know how smells, but this is the worst falsification. Very dissapoinment, I think that I lost my money. What a shame.

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